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Apple Music

Sooo much more music, including custom demos, available upon request


"…The music really takes the cake. While many games billing themselves as survival or exploration games opt for silence to create mood, [Phoning Home developer] ION LANDS chose an orchestral set of tracks that are both cinematic and haunting. If you isolate the music and close your eyes, you could swear that you'd left the Hobbit trilogy playing on your system, or perhaps this year's most lauded European picture (undoubtedly something equal parts moving and depressing). All this to say that the soundtrack is beautiful and delicate, and also reactive--it changes with the mood of game events, meaning that battle is made tenser by driving rhythms, while peaceful landscape-scouring is met with subtle strums." - Nathan Wyckoff, Keen Gamer

"The soundtrack is riveting and perfectly suited to the atmosphere, with the chittering, churning, billowing sounds of a living world around them." - Lori May, OpNoobs

"The sound design, music, and voice acting are done extremely well.  Everything about Phoning Home feels much more polished than your average indie game, but the voice acting and music are easily the highlights of the aesthetic….The music fits the feeling of the game, of being lost on a strange planet far from home.  It’s immediately the one area that you can just feel that the developers put a huge emphasis on and it comes off almost perfect.  The game feels very atmospheric thanks to the soundtrack." - Judgman, Gaming Shogun

"Phoning Home should praise itself for a beautiful soundtrack…." - James Holdsworth, Survivethis

"The execution of the soundtrack is superb and makes a big impact on the feel. While much of the gameplay is serene and slow, there is a steady tension level that is created, and the mood is controlled throughout by the music." - DPB, Squackle

"Sound and Music - 9/10" - Evan Saunders, Fortress of Solitude

"Music and sounds are…on top-level. Phoning Home’s soundtrack is minimalistic but memorable and melodic. Music provides the needed atmosphere, it sounds like cold space, at the same time opened for adventure." - Rodion Schizmin, Geeksnack


Video Games

• Arafinn: Return to Nangrim (Video Game - Composer)...coming soon
• Rogue Invader (Video Game - Composer & Sound Designer)
Phoning Home (Video Game - Composer)
• Arafinn Storybooks (Interactive Storybooks - Composer)
• Blind Trust (Video Game - Composer)
• Stone Rage (Video Game - Contributing Composer)...coming soon
• Al Pepone (Video Game - Composer)

Feature Films

• Medieval (Feature Film - Additional Music)...coming soon
• Pig (Feature Film - Additional Arrangements)
• Wish Dragon (Feature Film - Additional Music)
• My Country, My Parents (Feature Film - Additional Music)
• The Last Full Measure (Feature Film - Additional Music)
• Off The Tracks (Feature Film - Composer)
• The Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding (Feature Film - Additional Music, Arrangements, and Orchestrations)
• The Swan Princess: Kingdom of Music (Feature Film - Additional Music, Arrangements, and Orchestrations)
• The Swan Princess: A Royal Myztery (Feature Film - Additional Music, Arrangements, and Orchestrations)
• The Swan Princess: Royally Undercover (Feature Film - Additional Music, Arrangements, and Orchestrations)
• August Creek (Feature Film - Music License)
• Christmas Eve (Feature Film - Music Editor)
• Personal Gold: An Underdog Story (Feature Film - Composer: Additional Music)
• Murder in Mexico: The Bruce Beresford-Redman Story (Feature Film - Orchestrator)
• Just Let Go (Feature Film - Orchestrator)
• The Cokeville Miracle (Feature Film - Orchestrator)
• I Will Dance (Feature Film - Composer: Additional Music)
• K9 Adventures: Legend of the Lost Gold (Feature Film - Orchestrator)
• Escape from Polygamy (Feature Film - Composer: Additional Music)
• Love at the Christmas Table (Feature Film - Composer: Trailer)

Short Films

• Jester Must Die (Composer)
• White Now Please (Composer)
• Bedtime (Composer)
• Losing Sight (Composer)
• Oni (Composer)
• PVP - for Lumix Cameras (Composer)
• Nothing in Particular (Additional Music)
• Arms (Composer)
• Unmasked - for Lumix Cameras (Composer)
• Josh Rossi: Wonder Woman BTS (Photography BTS - Composer)• Josh Rossi: Beauty and the Beast BTS (Photography BTS - Composer)
• Sisuphos (Composer)
• Chasing the Light (Documentary - Orchestrator)
• Binge Inferno (Composer: Additional Music)
• Inner Child (Composer)
• Homeschooled (Webseries - Original Song)


• Marriott Core Message (Quarterly Videos - Composer)
• My Name is Aastha (Documentary Trailer - Composer)
• SEMI - Contact Protocol (Trailer - Custom Music)
• Cisco NBA Partnership (Web Video - Composer)
• Cisco Securities (Web Video - Composer)
• Salesforce (Web Video - Composer)
• Sam’s Club (Holiday Commercial - Composer)
• Oracle (Social Videos - Music License)
• BMW (Dancer Commercial - Music License)
• H&M (Retail Stores - In-Store Music License)
• Abercrombie & Fitch (Retail Stores - In-Store Music License)
• Sensoscientific (Web Videos - Composer)
• Flying Yak (Commercial - Composer)
• SUSE (Corporate Video - Music License)


• CBS, NBC, NFL, Lifetime TV, Discovery, TLC, CNBC, A&E, Investigation Discovery (Music Licenses)
• Disneyland Paris - Marvel Stark Expo Show (Original Music/Arrangements)
•Luz de Naciones Digital Event (Contributing Composer)
• Kaladin (Original Book Soundtrack - Contributing Composer)

About Caleb

Caleb Blood is a composer for all forms of media, including film, video games, and production music. In addition to working with respected filmmakers and game developers, Caleb has provided music for high-profile clients including Disney, BMW, Marriott and Salesforce. 

Caleb discovered his passion for music at a young age by singing into a tape recorder about trash cans and Batman. He eventually matured into a multi-genre instrumentalist, performing and recording on the guitar, keyboard, trumpet, and vocals. He began his professional career as a pop singer / songwriter / producer but quickly fell in love with the world of instrumental composing. Drawing on his background in pop music, Caleb feels most at home when combining his classical training with contemporary production techniques.

Caleb is originally from San Francisco, CA and currently works out of his studio in Los Angeles, CA.