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About Caleb

Caleb Blood is a prolific music composer for film, television, commercial and video game projects. In addition to working on a number of independent projects, Caleb has provided music for high-profile clients including TLC, BMW, Lifetime TV, Abercrombie & Fitch, and H&M. He has also worked closely with noted feature-film composer Christian Davis (Grown Ups, Just Go With It, and The Zookeeper).

Caleb discovered his passion for music at a very young age. He eventually grew into a multi-genre, multi-instrumentalist. His skills on the keyboard, guitar, trumpet, and voice have received numerous special accolades. He began his professional career as a pop singer/songwriter/producer and quickly fell in love with the world of instrumental composing. Drawing on his background in pop music, Caleb specializes in hybrid composing — blending acoustic and orchestral elements with electronic elements. His hybrid scoring style creates music that can sound anywhere from gnarly to gorgeous, or quirky to frightening.

Some of Caleb’s greatest influences include Steve Jablonsky, Steven Price, Hans Zimmer, and Jesper Kyd. Others he draws inspiration from include John Mayer, Ryan Tedder, Brian Tyler, and Alexandre Desplat.

In addition to being an accomplished composer and songwriter, Caleb is an experienced orchestrator, producer and MIDI sequencer.

Caleb is originally from San Francisco, CA and currently works out of his studio in Los Angeles, CA where he lives with his wife, Michele.


Video Games

• Phoning Home (Video Game - Composer)
• Rogue Invader (Video Game - Composer & Sound Designer)
• Blind Trust (Video Game - Composer)
• Al Pepone (Video Game - Composer)
• Stone Rage (Video Game - Original Music)

Feature Films

• Christmas Eve (Feature Film - Music Editor)
• Personal Gold (Feature Film - Composer: Additional Music)
• Murder in Mexico (Lifetime TV Movie - Orchestrator)
• Just Let Go (Feature Film - Orchestrator)
• The Cokeville Miracle (Feature Film - Orchestrator)
• I Will Dance (Feature Film - Composer: Additional Music)
• K9 Adventures: Legend of the Lost Gold (Feature Film - Orchestrator)
• Escape from Polygamy (Lifetime TV Movie - Composer: Additional Music)
• Love at the Christmas Table (Lifetime TV Movie - Trailer Music)

Short Films

• Oni (Short Film - Composer)
• Chasing the Light (Documentary Short - Orchestrator)
• Binge Inferno (Short - Composer: Additional Music)
• Inner Child (Short - Composer)
• Homeschooled (Webseries - Original Music)


• Deadly Wives (Lifetime TV - Original Music)
• The Little Couple (TLC - Original Music)


• BMW (Dancer Commercial - Music)
• Flying Yak (Commercial - Composer)


• H&M (Retail Stores - In-Store Music)
• Abercrombie & Fitch (Retail Stores - In-Store Music)
• Sensoscientific (Corporate Videos: Composer)
• Novell (Corporate Video - Music)